Saturday, March 29, 2014


My five year old is with his grandparents for the weekend, my two year old is napping, and my 2 month old is snoring on my chest. So I find myself asking, what can I do now? 

Even when I am completely overwhelmed and want nothing more than a 5 minute break to clear my cluttered mind, I still want to be capable of doing more. What I do is never enough. Never good enough. Never meaningful enough. Never satisfying enough. I am a broken vessel, constantly searching for something to fill me. Something to make me useful. Needed. Important.

Blogging is certainly not going to accomplish any of that. But I am determined to figure out a different way of living. Even if just for a moment here or there. Because we were not born to "do life right." We were born to live. 

Feel free to learn from me, laugh at me, or simply commiserate with me.